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Spam is the scourge of business today. And it's especially painful for small businesses. Solo entrepreneurs are often caught between these two equally non-viable "solutions." We don't have the resources to constantly tweak filters, yet the alternatives offered by most software packages and webmail services are either far too generic or require precisely such time-intensive maintenance.

Imagine an email service that allows you to manage your spam via email or a highly intuitive web interface. Email passes though a sophisticated five-tier millisecond filtering process before reaching your inbox. Suspect emails are placed into quarantine ?not blocked like other services. From here, you can reject or release messages, allow or deny senders. Email is never stored, read or censored. Your privacy is ensured.

Save time, money, and frustration knowing we consistently update service with no effort required by you.

Our anti-spam service can be complimented by an anti-virus offering to ensure your computers are protect from malicious content.




stopping spam at the server makes perfect sense

And you must be certain your customerís mail always gets through

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