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The same advantages that pertain to centralized spam filtering apply to centralized virus scanning and repair (or quarantine/deletion). The identification of pernicious or infected email has become a science in the last several years. But having to continually download the latest virus definitions to prevent data corruption has become another serious drag on the limited time and financial resources of smaller businesses. Business class email offers a valuable alternative here. Virus definitions are kept current by the service provider. So with no extra effort on your part, you're assured of never downloading some bug that could wipe out your business.

The point is, you need a lot of different business-grade email services, and right now, you're probably buying most of them separately. Or worse, making do with services that were never intended for business. We think that bundling a suite of professional email tools makes sense. We're betting you'll think so too. Click here to integrate business class email into your growth plan.

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