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Your professional image is priceless. The trend to self-employment and consulting has created a whole new cadre of business practitioners like you. Youíve worked hard to build your business and to distinguish it from the competition. What is the easiest, most cost-effective tool you can use to market yourself? ?/span>A personalized email address backed by a business quality email service that reinforces your name in correspondence ?even if you donít necessarily need a web site. ?/span>

Permanence and persistence are what is needed. A domain name and an address that remain in effect regardless of changing jobs, geographic moves, or switching ISPs. Have your own prestige email domain instead of a Hotmail or Yahoo account with far more advanced web-based email capabilities than today's "giveaway" services.

Business Class Email without an IT department is possible. This set of pages describes a solution that frees you from technical tasks and streamlines the work you really want to do.

Check out the pages linked from the left hand sidebar and ask yourself whether this comprehensive suite of features doesn't beat what you're using now hands down. If you like what you see, click here for place order now.


email is the backbone of your personal business

this is one area where you can't afford to go generic

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